The Spring Engine Turbine

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▪️Practical Uses▪️


You can use S.E.T countless ways while camping/RVing. The possibilities are endless!

Off-Grid Living

Operate your off-grid lifestyle with ease and peace of mind much like you would any home with S.E.T. All while enjoying fuel-free, quiet electricity. 


Vent Free/Emission Free! While in your bunker take advantage of S.E.T to produce fresh oxygen, purify water, grow food, keep ham radios in operation and operate any other electrical devices you may need. 

Tornado Shelter/Natural Disaster

In a natural disaster power outage scenario, you can maintain temperature, enjoy fresh air, keep all devices charged such as cell phones and GPS locaters, etc... All while keeping the lights on in your tornado shelter.

 S.E.T Can Be Incorporated Into:

Electric Boats



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